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Play roulette and other real money casino games. Learn How to win at Roulette using the Best Roulette winning system.The Roulette strategy that proved success based on Physics and Casino Experience!
GeGa , MeGa & MiNi Roulette systems works for both wheels, American & European. They also work for online and land casino.

How doest it work : We simply teach you how the Casinos do it ! how the dealer can control the outcome . You will be able to know where the ball will fall just like the Dealer. 

60 Days money back Guarantee . If our systems doesn't make you money . No Problem we want it back ! no questions asked. 

We are dedicated to helping the poor ! 
If you think its too good to be true ! we invite you for a free trial . No Purchase No credit card needed. just add us to Skype : SKYPE NAME (visual.roulette  ) for instructions.
We will give you a detailed explanation of the system for free and we know you gonna come back to purchase the complete system because you will win at the casino with only fraction of the system ..what if you had the whole 100% of it ? ofcourse you will win more and more .We are the only website in the world that does that. 

Shipping & Returns

Q - What is your returns policy?
We do offer 3 days return policy.

Q-what is your shipping policy ?
we will deliver the ebook to your email and we might ship the physical book to your shipping address.


Gambling is at your own risk. Alamo city Initiatives does not guarantee profits and will not guarantee profit. Losing or winning is a human related thing that depends on your personal commitment,dicelpance  which is something we can not control.
We're excited to announce the launch of our Roulette GeGa Mobile App for Android and Iphone/Ipad on the Google Play Store!  And apple Store!
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Q1:What Do I get?

A1:When you purchase the Mega or the GeGa system.  You will be trained by an expert Roulette dealer for as long as it takes to make sure you master the system and be able to win. you will be able to do the following:
​1-You will get life time support directly from our24/7 available customer support anywhere in the World.
2-It will take you 3-7 days to master the systems based on your previous knowledge and how expert you are.However no previous knowledge if required,
3-You will be able to place your bets 10 times faster than average player.
4-You will be able to measure the wheel speed instantly with high accuracy without using a stop watch.
5-You will be able to know where the ball is gonna fall each and every spin.
6-You will be taught money management techniques to help you maximize your winnings.

Q2: Is This legal?

A2: 100% legal because no electronic devices are used. Its just your skill.

Q3:What is my daily winnings ?

A3: It depends on the chip values you use.So if you are betting $1 you will be able to win at $300-$500 a day. If your using $5 chips then its $1000-$2500/day and so on.

​Q4:  What is the bankroll needed?

A4:  200 chips. 
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Our Systems are for information only and we do not guarantee any winnings what so ever. 
Gambling is at your own risk and the is alway a possibility of losing when you gamble.
We are not responsible nor liable for any losses you may incur. 
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